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4-2-24 Higashi Kiryu-city Gunma-Pref. 376 Japan

Japanese Textile Museum "YUKARI"
2-24 Higashi 4-chome Kiryu-city Gunma-prif Japan
tel) 0277-45-3111
@@@Sumio Morishima

4-2-24 Higashi Kiryu-city Gunma-Pref. 376 Japan
tel) 0277-45-3111

"It's moveable, it's touchable, it's alive!" The Textile Museum. "Yukari" aims to bring close to everyone the history of weaving. By observing the desappearng, age-old techniques of dyeing, viewing the various cultural exhibits, and by examining the more than 1,200 valuable artifacts on display, one can follow in the footsteps of weaving history.

The museum's ideal is to preserve, maintain and display ancient-to-modern implements: the cultivation of siklworms and production of silk thread; and, to bring about a more thorough understanding of the process of dyeing.

wpe50.jpg (3491 oCg)The newest project at the museum is to improve and make more easily comprehensible the actual operations in a textile factory. Under controlled conditions, one can witness the creation of various vibrant fabrics as the woof and warp threads are interwoven before one's very eyes. It is possible to experience here the more than 1,300 years of weaving history in Kiryu.

The museum also operates a school for learning color-coordinated dyeing and hand weaving. The highly experienced staff of the school teach classes from the introductory level to the more advanced in an enjoyable format. The museum shop sells items of clothing, such as neckties, small traditional Japanese craft items, weaving supplies, as well as other weaving-related souvenirs.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to ask questions about the items on display.


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